Gwenyth Glynn Longwools is dedicated to the preservation and proliferation of rare longwool sheep. Our Wensleydale and Teeswater sheep produce the finest and most lustrously soft fleeces of the longwool breeds. Their long purled locks can easily grow 12 or more inches wiith a year. When the fleeces are spun, they produce a very strong yet supple and lustrous yarn with a soft elegant drape. The curling locks make lovely accents to handspun yarns, felted creations, or a variety of imaginative projects.

We have devoted over a decade and half to producing our flocks, selecting the best animals for our breeding stock, striving to duplicate the genetics as they occur in the UK flocks of origin. Our breeding stock has provided a start for many smalls flock in this country. The Teeswater breed is now listed in the US Livestock Conservancy, as also has been ilisted in Rare Breed Conservancy Trust in the UK.

We are pleased to offer these exceptional products from our flocks to the fiber community. Your purchase will help ensure the preservation of these two rare longwool breeds of sheep.


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