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All of the yarn you will find in our store is produced with special care. We searched  through trial and error to find the very best spinnning mills that could produce a quality yarn that would acentuate the high luster and quality wool of these breeds. All the wool is from our own flock and hand selected fiber. Our sheep are shorn and the fleeces are rigorously skirted for the best part of each fleece to produce our yarns. Our Worsted / Aran weight yarns are spun in a 3 ply of appx 6 to 8  wraps per inch. We have found this is the best twist to preserve the luster and drape of the yarn while still retaining the strength which the longwool breeds are renown for.

If your prefer your own alchemy, you can purchase natural white locks to dye or use in the natural state. Our silver tone locks also dye well for muted shades, and of course there is natural basic black.

The yarn is dyed by Indiana fiber Artist Robin Edmundson of All of her colors are featured on her site and are available by special request on our yarns if you dont see your favorite already in our inventory...

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