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Misty Morning Walk

It was still mostly dark when the sheep went out this morning.

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Ewes In Motion


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Fall Gotland Project

The Autumnal equinox is behind us, the days are getting shorter, the nights longer and cooler.  Good sleeping weather they say.  Good sheep weather, I say.
Fall is here.  Time to go down to the cellar, count all the sparkling jewel toned jellies and jams.  Gaze upon summers bounty of pale green beans resting in their jars.  Ruby red tomatoes carefully picked and chopped and bathed in hot water await a winters meal.
We no longer have a cellar, nor put up jars of summer to sustain us through the long winter.  We did when I was small, a long time ago.  This time of year brings to mind sustainability and preserving for the future.  Warm fires and thick sweaters.  The best sweaters are made with wool and love.  Handmade treasures knitted of wool from small flocks that are a labor of love, not a labor of capitalism.  Flocks like ours here [ ]

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