The Beauty In Letting Go

Fall shows us letting go is beautiful.

The verdant summer shades of green covering the woods and pasture tree lines change to fiery orange and red, yellow and gold, before the trees let them go to cover the cooling ground.  Bright berries and smooth, brown shelled nuts fall to earth, gathered up by furry woodland creatures.  The horses coats,  bleached by the summer sun, turn dark and lush as the fading light tells them to let go of summer and prepare for cold winter days.

There is stunning beauty all around us as summer lets gi and nature prepares for winter.  The release of vibrant growth. The letting go of one season for the next.

Here at Gwenyth Glynn, we are also preparing for winter and perhaps letting go of some of our ewes.  We have several  beautiful registered Teeswaters who would make a valuable contribution to any shepherds flock.  These ewes are a result of our generations of careful breeeding.  They have beautiful curly and lustrous fleece.

Please contact us if you are interested in adding them to your flock.

Ewe 285. Perfectly lovely yearling

Ewe 225. Stunning fleece, sweet disposition.

Ewe 290. Beautifully marked yearling.

Ewe 222. Incredible fleece. Big body perfect for carrying lambs.

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