Fresh New Pelts Have Arrived

Wooo Hoo!! Driftless Tannery girls have done it again.
Our latest tanned pelts are spectacular!
They are clean, uniform, & whole (no cuts)
The curl is amazingly open and dense with none of the matting we have seen in other tanneries.
The huge bonus is they used an all natural process which I can confirm after seeing the results from other tanneries which often leave bit of debris
that are mysteriously used in the tanning Process. (??? like sawdust or chalk).

Resulting in a safe, soft wooly wonder.
What a delight to snuggle up with one on a favorite chair or in front of the hearth.
We have only two white wensleydale pelts at present, but many colored wensleydales and a few long teeswaters.
We will be snapping photos and uploading each one to the pelts page ASAP.

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