SO…. Google had a tribute to “womens work” today citing Distaff Day as a day when the women returned to the essential work of spinning yarn to make the family clothing which marked the end of the celebration of the holidays.

Obviously this was back in time and most likely in the global north where colder temperatures required wool and women had to spin their own and weave or knit into garments.

Thankfully here in North America, we can still honor wool with our own spinning and wide variety of techniques to create our yarns. We have a wealth of spinning wheels and ever growing processes of using them. I recently had the opportunity to spin on a “Babe ” spinning wheel manufactured wholly of PVC pipe. It was adream to spin, well balanced and smooth… but Im such a traditionalist, I just couldnt takeone home, also being the proud owner of 8 wooden wheels now, not in good conscience could I make the switch over.

Hopefully these cold dark days will turn many of us to our wheels and spindles. Alas, I will be mending torn sheep blankets. A necessary task to keep these long lustrous locks clean and easy for  you all to spin.

Please check out our abundant selection of rovings, dyed or natural, especially delightful to spin is our TEESWATER TOP –   mill carded  perfectly for spinning a fine lustrous worsted yarn that practically spins itself!

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